Application Videos
Q-Free MAXTIME Advanced Signal Controller Firmware
Q-Free's MAXTIME 2.0
smartmicro Radar based Stopbar/Advance Detection with (1) Sensor
Seamless Tracking at an Intersection
The Future of Smart Cities
smartmicro Radar based Counts and Classifications
Enabling Smart Cities
FLIR/Teledyne Thermal Imaging Pedestrian Detection
Counting & Classifications on Freeways
TRUGRD Stream - Radar with Video
Dynamic Pedestrian Detection
RRFB with Passive Ped. Detection
FLIR/Teledyne Thermal Imaging Bicycle Detection
Dynamic Pedestrian Movements
RRFB with Bicycle Detection
Bicycle Detection in Heavy Traffic
FLIR/Teledyne Thermal Imaging Vehicle Detection
Bicycle Detection
Bus Queue Jump with TrafiSense2
Vehicle Detection using TrafiSense2
Big Data and Location Analysis with Blyncsy
Vehicle Detection using Thermal Sensors
Intelligent Locks
Smart Work Zone Overview
Blyncsy Overview
Connected Vehicles
Online Intelligent Lock Solution
Online versus Offline Intelligent Locks
Danlaw Overview
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