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Winsted command consoles are modularly designed to allow flexibility in console configurations to fit the user’s needs.  Many styles and configurations are available.
Winsted - Control Room Consoles, Technical Furniture & Equipment

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  Locking Cabinets
Winsted locking security cabinets are constructed with extra heave-gauge steel to prevent tampering.  Desk, wall and rack-mountable cabinets are available.  These cabinets are perfect for VTRs, controllers and monitors.
Winsted - Control Room Consoles
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  Vertical Racks
Winsted offers five different lines of vertical racks – each uniquely suited to a particular user’s needs or budget.  There are choices in both fully welded and in easy-to-assemble knocked down versions.  All five rack families are 19” EIA standard.  These racks have been designed to meet a wide variety of needs including: broadcast, security, voice and data communications, industrial or multimedia.
Winsted - Vertical Racks
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  Allegiant Microprocessor-Based Video Switcher/Control Systems
Bosch Matrix Switchers combine both switching and computer technology to provide powerful performance and unique system features for the security user.  Offering full matrix switching capability, these systems can be programmed to display the video from any camera on any monitor, either manually or via independent switching sequences.
Bosch Security Systems