. C i t y .o f . P h i l a d e l p h i a :
Delaware Ave. – Philadelphia

Project:  Automated Traffic signal actuation at several high volume inner-city intersections utilizing advanced video detection technology.

Project Objective:  To provide  the City of Philadelphia Street Department with a low maintenance traffic signal actuation solution at several high volume city intersections utilizing an alternative technology to traditional inductive loops.

Signal Service Solution:  Signal Service designed a custom video detection solutions to interface with the city’s existing 170 signal controller cabinet.  The video detection system was installed in the existing loop detector rack in the controller cabinet.

Technologies Utilized:  Video detection processors and cameras; 170 controller interface.

Benefits Realized:  A low maintenance traffic signal actuation solution that works with the city’s existing controller cabinets.  The camera was easily configured to provide the desired signal actuations at these intersections.  Detector modification can be quickly made on the system software GUI interface as required for construction or other activities.  The system will enable the Streets Department to collect over a dozen different traffic data parameters at these intersections for analysis.  The system video can also be used by the Streets Department to monitor activity at these key intersections as well.