. C i t y .o f . P h i l a d e l p h i a :
Arch Street – Philadelphia
Penn Square – Philadelphia

Project:  Provide CCTV traffic surveillance at several key inner city intersections within the City of Philadelphia.

Project Objective:  To provide the City of Philadelphia Streets Department with ability to monitor traffic and pedestrian activity at several key intersections within the city.

Signal Service Solution:  Signal Service designed and manufactured a custom compact camera control cabinet specifically for this project.  Camera mounting arm assemblies were customized to adapt to existing signal mast arms.  The video from these cameras will be transmitted over a new singlemode fiber backbone network to the Streets Department Operations Center.

Technologies Utilized:  Philips/Bosch EnviroDome 25x zoom CCTV cameras with integral pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ); IFS singlemode fiber modems; Custom camera control cabinets.

Benefits Realized:  The CCTV surveillance cameras will become part of a city-wide video surveillance system that will allow the Streets Department to actively monitor key intersections throughout the city.  Once completed, this system will enable the Streets Department to react faster and more efficiently to incidents.  The added benefit of the project is the additional security provided by video surveillance that could be shared with other city wide agencies.