. P e n n D O T . D i s t r i c t . 9 - 0 :
Pole mounted CCTV camera with
5.8GHz & 900 MHz antennas
Custom CCTV control cabinet
CCTV pole, camera, and
pole mounted control cabinet

Project:  PennDOT District 9-0 I-99 Video Surveillance System

Project Objective:  To provide PennDOT District 9-0 Traffic Operations Center (TOC), City of Altoona and the 911 Emergency Response Center with the ability to monitor traffic levels of service and incident verification along I-99 in the Hollidaysburg, PA area.

Signal Service Solution:  Signal Service provided design assistance and key components for a complete CCTV system using several communications technologies.  The original 4 CCTV sites were expanded to 15 on this project.  Included in our scope of work was the design and fabrication of 15 custom CCTV control cabinets.  Signal Service also supplied all the modular systems furniture at the new TOC including custom video wall display cabinets and control station workstations.  Transmission of the CCTV video is via a PennDOT optical fiber backbone terminating at the TOC and feeding into a new video switching system for video distribution to the selected agencies.  Two camera locations that are inaccessible to the optical fiber backbone are transmitted via a wireless video and data link over a two mile distance.  All of the cameras are temporarily accessed via a dial-up PSTN connection while awaiting completion of the optical fiber backbone.

Technologies Utilized:  Philips/Bosch 240mm pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) CCTV EnviroDome cameras; IFS Singlemode fiber modems; WTI 5.8 GHz/900MHz wireless video/data communications links; AdPro dial-up video access software; Techpower Development UPS systems in CCTV cabinets; Philips/Bosch LTC 8800 Video Switcher

Benefits Realized:  PennDOT District 9 now has the ability to actively monitor traffic conditions along I-99 and within the City of Altoona.  Real time video is shared with the 911 Emergency Response Center for active incident verification and level of service monitoring.