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Video Detection Software Screen
SR 202 – SB VID 5




Project:  PennDOT District 6-0, SR 202 Section 404, Video Surveillance and Video Based incident Detection System

Project Objective:  To provide PennDOT District 6-0 Traffic Operations Center with the ability for automated incident detection and incident verification along the SR 202 Great Valley/King of Prussia corridor.  The video detection system must also include the ability to collect and store a wide variety of traffic data parameters.

Signal Service Solution:  Signal Service provided design assistance and supplied key components for both the CCTV and video based incident detection systems on this project.  The incident detection system has 12 video detection camera locations.  This extensive CCTV system has over 40 strategic camera locations along SR 202.  We fabricated over 40 custom CCTV control cabinets that are mounted at the base of each pole for ease of service accessibility.  Interconnection of the cameras was made via singlemode fiber modems and transmitted to the District 6 TOC via the PennDOT optical fiber backbone or over T-1 circuits.

Technologies Utilized:  Philips/Bosch EnviroDome 25x zoom CCTV cameras with integral pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ); IFS singlemode fiber modems; video detection system; Cortec digital codec units; WTI 5.8Ghz wireless video equipment.

Benefits Realized:  PennDOT District 6 now has the ability to actively monitor traffic along the Rt. 202 corridor.  Several of these video feeds are made available to the local news channels for television broadcast.  Operators at the TOC can now rapidly react to changing traffic conditions as the real time video is monitored.  The video detection cameras will provide accurate traffic count and incident detection data to the TOC at several key points on the roadway.